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Anzea and Dino Zoli joined together recently in cooperation to help offer the best textiles products to hospitality and corporate markets and also to help improve the contract textiles market.

Anzea is from Texas and Dino Zoli is from Italy, which makes the cooperation a match made in heaven since it will have the combined inventory of two different places with woven textiles and fabrics.

They actually made the ultimate alliance since the 2 companies have exactly the same knowledge and in addition they have the same passion for textiles. They’re going to be introducing the very first installation of DZ x ANZEA soon and it’ll certainly have a positive impact to the market.

This is a huge move for both of the companies as they’re collaborating to develop up a unique collection for the market. Anzea and Dino Zoli are known to provide incredible textiles in Texas and Italy and they’re popular in the market for giving the top fabrics. The partnership will provide value and exclusivity to the hospitality and business markets since the items will unquestionably be available in a platform that is effortlessly accessible. The combination of the inventory will offer advantages for the projects of the buyers.

The DZ x ANZEA collection actually has two outdoor options created from nubby argyle plaid. The 8 fabrics in this collection will provide texture and color to any space with vinyl fabric.

Anzea is the right choice with regards to coated fabrics, vinyl fabrics and upholstery textiles. The company was actually made in 1990 by Mitzi Mills and Bruce Doeren in Fort Worth, Texas. The name of the company is an acronym and it’s from the first assortment that Anzea made: Australia, New Zealand, Europe and America. Mills was recognized for her graphic creating skills and she has a enthusiasm with travel and photography.

Doeren is an accounting expert and he uses his knowledge and skills to be sure that the operations of the company will run smoothly. It’s because of these 2 folks that Anzea managed to get where they are at this time.

Anzea always focused on giving the best designs for the market, especially with regards to woven fabrics. The business also provides plenty of mix coated and woven fabrics for more demanding applications. If you’ll look at their selection, you are going to certainly know that the great design, safe chemistry and durability might be put into a single design. They also pride themselves for having a dynamic team that can be able to adapt to any situation.

The primary goal of this partnership with Dino Zoli is to allow the company to provide more for the customers. This may also lead to more projects in the near future that will undoubtedly benefit a lot of corporations and consumers.

If you would like to confirm out a few of the designs of Dino Zoli and Anzea, you may always visit their website to view that they can provide. The collaboration may last for a long time so you may expect better designs on their collections in the future.


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